Research Proves Massage Therapy Is Best For Pain Management

According to the upcoming evidences massage therapy gives the best remedy for pain management. These therapies also helps to settle anxiety and health related issue for a quality life.

Samueli Institute and commissioned provided a meta-analysis of the report researched on the massage for the management of pain. This research was under the Massage therapy Foundation and with the support of American Massage Therapy Association. Many of the review part has been published online by the journal Pain Medicine.

Pain is the major consequence of human world. This intake approx 100 Millions peoples in every country and it is also responsible for the intake of medical attentions towards this massive issue. This also leads to the increase the number of physician visits by 80 %.

Pain doesn’t affects individual but it also affects the family, national economy and health systems prevalled. An Study proves that chronic pain accounts $600 Billion in its various aspects. This cost is much more than the other national health issues. This is the sign of economic burden of pain.

Research Gives Green Signal To the Massage Therapies

Based on the proven study facts, Massage cannot be compared to any treatment. It is recommended world wide for any type of pain management system for body. With the pain management this Massage service also helps for activeness, mood swings, and living a quality health life.

Pain has no sign for its invitation. The treatment has no limit. One can go for the physician or for the medicines which are popularly known as “Pain Killers”. These can provide a short term relaxation which later becomes a habit. Massage is something which can be considered as a good habit as it doesn’t affect the body part nor it leds to intake any drug in the body. It is simply an art of relaxation of muscle and hands.

More About Study

The studies also support and proves that the nerves which are centered in feet is the key of relaxation of the specified body parts. Massage on certain points bring instant relief to the body and muscles. This therapy can lead to a medicine free life-style. Also, these are being much popular and are the essential part for living a healthy life.

Read the Research in detail Here.

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