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Massage In Jaipur - Body To Body Including Female to Male Massage

Jaipur is one of the top rated massage seeker in India. In this pink city Apple Spa provide lots of service like Body To Body Massage, Female To Male Massage, Thai, Swedish, Ayurveda, Nuru Massage and many more for our delightful customers.

Jaipur being prehistoric places is merging fast as the hub of culture and communities. Spa in jaipur is in pace from the prehistoric with its extensive result for the human body curing various types of pain and pressure which are very common these days in this hustle bustle life.

We have trade experts and professionals from related streams who love to work at jaipur spa in this pink city. It is because of the pleasurable environment and the client base in this city of charms and forts. The beautiful city offers a plenty of career opportunity to make and flourish individual career limited to the hardworking people. One does handwork to avail the best but one should also care about himself.

Out of various massage center in Jaipur Apple Spa massage parlour was rewarded as the "best massage parlor in Jaipur". And Also As the “Best Body Spa in Jaipur”

What Actually A Massage Is?

Massage can be said as an art of the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain. This art involves manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendon, joints and connective tissues. These services can be therapeutic, exotic, relaxing in nature. The person who are excelled in this art is known as "Masseuse or Masseur".

Is Massage Safe and Effective?

Most of the users search and have doubts about the safe and effectiveness of massage. For a brief and short answer to them which is commonly accepted is "Yes". It is safe and free from any side effects and totally 100% safe. One of the best things of massage is that It deliver the health benefits almost instantly. In this busy world it acts as a savior for body to keep it relaxed, toned and rejuvenated.

As the trend of visiting jaipur spa, clubs or body massage centers is getting into action by the youth as well as the elders, the emerging rates of massage parlour’s are rapidly increasing in all the prominent localities of Jaipur. However, very few of them are showing the real face of Massage.

The majority of jaipur spa are not adequate with the proper facilities and lacks the number of trained experts which results in the improper perception of massage. The main attraction center of these types of center re are the "Attractive Girls" only. This led to the dissatisfaction of the majority of the visitors who visits these centers.

Analyzing and Experiencing these activities of most spa and health clubs we formulated “Apple Spa” for best body spa in Jaipur being addressable. Any type of facility you choose at Apple spa will give you a holistic experience which covers body, soul and mind.

Advantages of Body Massage:-

Total Relaxation

Enhances overall Health

Enhances Blood Flow and reduces Blood Pressure

Minimize muscle tension

Deals with anxiety and stress

Boost sexual powers

Going to Spa Centers is a great idea but what kind of massage should you need?

Apple Spa offers a variety of massage service, which one can choose according to their preferences, choice and mood.

1.Female to Male Massage In Jaipur

Most popular type of body massage service in Jaipur. In this service female masseur rubs male receiver with her body. A kind of body to body rub or nude massage. This results in the male to get exited and feels awesome relaxed. This one should be taken by all male once in a lifetime to get this breathtaking experience of this erotic massage.

The Most sensuous massage which a body needs is body to body massage in Jaipur.

In this service the therapist utilizes body natural curves to formulate an array of sensations for being relaxed. In fact body to body massage is most effective for re energizing yourself. It also has scientifically benefits like this female to male massage helps to maintain and regulate the body temperature which results in the reduction of mind pressure and body pain.

2. Dip Tissue Massage In Jaipur

This massage service is referred to the person who are suffering from neck pain, back pain, lower back pain. People who have sitting jobs are the one who are drastically affected by these pains. Many of them use tablets/pills which gives a negative impact on their body, and they have to suffer those impact for lifetime. It is a type of sensual massage.

Dip Tissue Massage in Jaipur is famous as it acts as a savior from any kind of back pain, neck pain and lower back pain. One can easily get recovered from this type of pain by Dip Tissue massage service in Jaipur easily. It helps to relax the body and pain can be easily by this mechanism of Dip Tissue Service.

3. Thai Massage

This is the most ancient massage technique which helps in healing the whole body. It helps to remove toxins from the body. Stroking, Kneading, Rubbing, Pushing, Pulling and many of the techniques are used in this type of massage. It can be called as a parent of yoga massage with added flavors embedded in this. It is best for younger people. It heals your body and provides you great level of satisfaction.

Note - For the age range above 50 we do not recommend Thai massage.

4. Foot Massage

This provides added benefits for relaxation and peace. The body nerves ends up in the foot areas. Each section refers to a specific part of body. Taking this massage effects the all body parts whose nerves are connected to it like head, Eye, Head, hand, Back, Etc. This is often referred as "foot massage in Jaipur". You can easily contact us for foot massage service in Jaipur for further details of pricing and appointment.

5. Reflexology

This is with an accordance of foot massage or can be called as the same sides of a coin. Pressure is applied on foot which brings relaxation and helps to heals the corresponding area of the body. Studies indicate that this process may reduce pain and psychological syntoms too like stress and anxiety and provides a relax sleep.

6. Shistsu

A different name of "Japanese Massage". This uses the same pressure points which are known as "Chinese Acupressure Points". This helps in the performance of the deep tissue bodywork.

7. Hot Stone Massage

This massage service includes hot or heated stones placed on the specified points of the body. As a result, the heat of the stones relaxes the tight and the tensed muscles and it has proven to bring back the balance of the body. It is in great demand these days in Jaipur.

What Makes Apple Spa as the best Massage Parlor in Jaipur

Welcome Greeting

When a client arrives at red apple spa, he\she is greeted by a team of soft-friendly staff and the requirement of the client is fulfilled without making any further delay or waiting period due to our ample staffs which we have in apple spa.

Client Interaction

After the service is selected the client is lead to a chair which is meant for that respective massage and the feet are washed and oiled well. The deep fragrance will take the receiver into another world in which you are ready for exhilarating experience. Warm water is poured over feet to remove the accumulated dust and to get you relaxed, purified and ready.


We have ample of staff in the red apple spa who are excelled in different spa/massage services. Each staff has its own area of expertise of massage. No client are kept waiting as we value the time of every person hence we have handful amount of staff for each and every service which we provide.

Skilled Set

Every Staff is master in the skill set. There are no freshers in our center. Every Masseuse has a genuine certification from the place of leaning this skill set of each and every massage service. Especially for the, Thai massage we have staff especially from "Thailand" who are excelled in this field.

Based on the increasingly hectic lifestyle of Jaipur, Apple Spa brings the services which never has been experienced before in India. In addition to physical and mental wellness, priority is to prove and give scientifically proven health benefits of massage therapies. By user rating it is the centre for best body massage in Jaipur

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